Informing the Present. Transforming the Future.

Hilton Head Institute asks the big questions to start courageous, thought-provoking conversations.


We all know the world is changing. But when did you last think how we are changing? Changing as individuals, communities, nations, civilizations.

The globalization of society, new technologies, and changing societal values have had dramatic impacts on how we all define ourselves and our place in the world.

The Hilton Head Institute invites you to get involved in courageous conversations that are challenging people to look at our ever-shifting world in new ways.

Through a series of forums, summits and social gatherings, you will engage with a constellation of experts in science, technology, economics, media, business, healthcare and other fields to explore how trends are impacting our lives and our future.

Informing the Present

The Hilton Head Institute hosts courageous conversations encouraging candid, rational dialogue and respectful debate to better address America’s issues.

Transforming the Future

The Institute encourages actionable solutions to these complex issues.

Courageous Conversations Our Members are Having