Jim Allhusen, Vice Chair Of The Hilton Head Institute, Interviewed By Bill Edwards On Newsradio 1290 WTKS-AM, Savannah's Newsradio

Jim Allhusen, Vice Chair of the Hilton Head Institute, was interviewed by well-known talk radio host Bill Edwards on  WTKS-AM , the Savannah based news talk radio station.  The interview, which aired this morning, featured Jim and Bill discussing the Hilton Head Institute and the role of the Institute in the community, with Jim noting how the Institute is dedicated to "examining some pretty big issues that are changing peoples lives."   Jim provided an overview of the upcoming Forum and the "three days of magnificent speakers" -- noting that the Forum was kicking off the Institute's program of these types of events, and would be followed by two additional "deep dive" programs to follow.  In talking about both the Hilton Head Institute and the upcoming Forum, Jim stressed how the programs created by the Institute are perfect for the many people throughout the region who are "intellectually curious"  -- providing listeners with details about how to become a member of the Hilton Head Institute and the benefits of joining.
To listen to Jim's interview with Bill Edwards on Newsradio 1290 WTKS, click here.