Hilton Head Institute Gives Us a Glimpse Into the Future

By Jeff Bradley

What will the world hold for future generations? The question has been asked by people throughout human history. However, the technological advances that we’ve experienced in our lifetime makes that question harder to answer than ever before. The Hilton Head Institute brings together thought leaders to help us understand the world we live in and how it will look for our children and beyond. 

This weekend, some of the most influential leaders in education, economics, politics, healthcare and business gathered at the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa for the second annual Hilton Head Institute. The event provided the opportunity to have conversations with and learn from prominent professionals that are working to create a better tomorrow.

The institute brought us a group of thought leaders that are bringing change in the world. I was inspired by speakers like Dr. Mark D. Smith, MD, MBA , Founding President of the California Healthcare Foundation who presented the future of healthcare and Mr. Douglass Rushkoff who presented his thoughts and research on global media, society and economics. 

Of particular interest were the presentations by Dr. Jim Wagner, President of Emory University, Mr. Paul Tough contributing writer to the New York Times and author of Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest To Change Harlem And America and Mr. William Strickland, President and CEO of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation. The speakers focused on the future of education in the United States, focusing largely on our inner cities. With the GED legislation currently making its way through our State Senate, prominent thought leaders like Dr. Wagner, Mr. Tough and Mr. Strickland will influence the future of our GED Camps in South Carolina and, hopefully, across the country. 

Being introduced to the research of these outstanding professionals has helped shape some of my own thoughts. I strongly encourage you to visit the Hilton Head Institute website for more information the incredible line-up of speakers. Join me is supporting events like the Hilton Head Institute locally, within South Carolina and across the country.