Hilton Head Institute to Present Screening of Most Likely to Succeed October 9th & 10th

Since Most Likely to Succeed premiered at Sundance in January, it has been featured at top film festivals and conferences around the United States (Seattle International, newportFILM, AFI DOCS in DC, Goldman Sachs/Harvard education conference in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard Summer Series). Audiences and critics are calling the film the single most important documentary ever made about education.

When the credits roll at the end of a screening, an amazing thing happens in the audience— everyone realizes that others share their passion for changing schools. And people are excited.  It’s pure magic— entire school communities are informally brainstorming on creative ways to move their schools ahead, to help kids develop skills and characteristics that matter. The barriers imposed by “the system” begin to melt away in the face of consensus, effort, and inspiration.

We believe that Most Likely to Succeed will play a pivotal role in making change possible in our schools, districts, and states. By the end of next year, the debate about education reform will shift from low-level in-fighting to aspirational goals that put students first.

We will be holding a private members-only screening and a discussion with the film's Producer, Ted Dintersmith on October 9th & 10th.  Must be a member to attend, find out more about becoming a member here.

Click here to learn more about Most Likely to Succeed.